The 4 Negative Sides of Being a Motivational Speaker You’ll Definitely Want to Know

Being a motivational speaker is perhaps one of the greatest jobs in the world. You get to earn fame, money, and trust by inspiring people to do better and achieve success. It’s almost like being a reality TV show star, only with a lot more sense.

However, as admirable as the job may get, there are also some negative sides that all aspiring motivational speakers have to accept as they build a reputation in the industry. Here are four of them:

1.Money is hard to earn in the business.

Money only enters the picture when influence and fame have already gained momentum. It’s not really that bad, considering that many motivational speakers get both at the peak of their careers. When, you say? That is the big question.

Keynote speakerMany world-renowned motivational speakers like Tony Robbins, Les Brown, and Stephen Cover did not have to wait long to reach the peak. Hence, they saw money caving in way sooner than expected. However, as unfortunate as it this may get, most people who have tried to make a career in this industry didn’t see the light of bigger venues and bigger contracts because they are just not good enough.

Your career may take either direction. You can earn six to eight figures when you hit the sweet spot, but you may just be wasting your time because if you are not meant to achieve success as a motivational speaker.

2.Many motivational speakers grow in the industry as puppets.

You are definitely wrong if you think that all successful motivational speakers take control over their lives and career decisions. Like celebrities, many of them are being controlled by agents, managers, publishers, and image consultants because they owe their success to the people who have worked hard to build and protect their reputations. In fact, many of these motivational speakers are really good in delivering speeches but bad in making financial and legal decisions. This is where other people enter the picture.

There is a big possibility that as you make a name as a motivational speaker, some people will also be stricter when it comes to choosing the event for you, establishing your style, protecting your credibility, and spending your time. Some people will go to the extent of dictating the words you can only say in public. The lack of freedom can be suffocating for some people, but it is a price that you sometimes have to pay to gain fame and fortune.

3.Some motivational speakers are only good in speaking.

Being a good singer does not make you a good musician, and being a good actor does not make you a good director. It’s the same when it comes to motivational speaking. Some speakers have no talent when it comes to writing their own speeches, but they ooze with charisma, which is a necessity for all speakers.

It means that being a good writer is not an absolute prerequisite to becoming a motivational speaker. How about the motivational speakers who are also bestselling authors at the same time? A lot of them are really talented writers, masters of their own thoughts and gifted with the power to sense people’s emotions, plights, and needs. However, it is also a fact that there are allegations of using ghost writers in the past. True enough, many authors do not write their own books.

4.Giving a motivational speech is a glamorous way to control other people’s lives.

You can take it either way, but controlling does not always imply a bad thing. Many motivational speakers may deny this as much as they want to, but the real worth of a speaker’s influence is measured by how many people followed his advice. The audience always has the freedom to choose, but having them choose otherwise simply means failure for a speaker.

Overall, much like other professions, a job as an inspirational speaker isn’t perfect and you must ponder upon those imperfections before you decide to take things seriously.

Speaker An effective motivational speaker should be able to speak to his audience on a personal level while at the same time, promoting the common goal that he wants them, as a group to achieve.

How to Get Excellent Custom Challenge Coins

Custom challenge coins have been getting more and more attention in the general public than they have before. These coins are special commemorative coins used by certain organizations in order to represent unity.
The tradition of challenge coins can be traced back to the United States military. No one is sure as to where and when exactly the tradition began as there are so many different stories as to its origin. However, no one disputes the significance of challenge coins in improving the bonds between the members of a unit within the military.

Custom challenge coins have become increasingly popular outside of the military. There are those who like to have them minted to commemorate certain special occasions. Then there are those who have them minted to use them as a sign of affiliation. Organizations outside the military that use them include police, firemen, and so much more.

The problem with getting a challenge coin is that it can be difficult to find the right coin maker. There are so many different coin makers to choose from that finding the right one can cause a severe migraine. Below are a few tips for people who want to get themselves a new challenge coin.

Know what materials they can work with
Custom coins are each made using different metals. Each custom coin maker works with different materials. Not all coin makers are the same. The material that they can work with is one of the most important considerations people should take note of.
Some coin makers are capable of minting coins using various metals, such as silver, gold, bronze, nickel, and so much more. Some of the best coin makers in the industry have an online presence. Their websites often feature the kind of metals that they can work with.
Those interested in custom challenge coins can simply look at the different kinds of metals that shops offer and find out which type will best suit their needs. This is probably the best way for a person to find out which metal to choose, since websites often have galleries full of different samples.

Look at their past works
A lot of coin makers take pride in their work. The coin making business, as ironic as it may seem, is not about earning money. Sure these people operate for the sake of profit, but they didn’t enter the business to make tons load of money. They are in the coin making industry for the love of the craft.
Most of the coin makers in the industry are more than willing to show their works to prospective customers. This is one of the better ways a person can gauge the coin maker’s craft and abilities. It is also important to take note of the different branches of the military that they have worked with in the past.
A coin maker who has worked with the different branches of the military in the past is a good indicator that the said coin maker is an excellent craftsman. Few coin makers are commissioned by the different branches of the military.

Try to look for the value in their service
People should really look at the price of the coin relative to its value. Is the coin made out of some precious metal? What about the design work? Does the design feel generic or unique? Was the metalwork involved in making the coins of fine craftsmanship? Do they give enough coins for the price that they ask for?
These are just some of the questions people should ask themselves when they look for people who make custom challenge coins.